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We played basketball today , we and outside of the students play basketball together. During the basketball of the time , we took to give opponent. The basketball game began,

At the beginning, we had always score. But brother hank had played basketball seriously, we really amaze, One man had tackled six person of us, and always score, Instantly it won the score back, Our six men could not stop tiger brother's attack. Today l had seen that brother Hank’s level of the truth,l only know before brother Hank had letted us, l really admire brother Hank skill of the basketball.


Canada had already entered winter, recently l saw squirrel of the house outside, squirrels live in a very cold environment,it will search food in very cold environment, it very poor. Out only squirrels, aport from pet, all of the animals very poor. There are still people divide two kinds of noxious animal and harmless animal, don't care noxious animal life and death. But they never don't think noxious animal to have life, They also feel pain when they are injured. People felt very hurt yet, since we don't like pain, we might not let innocent animals to bear pain.

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