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黃昏之時At dusk

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


In the evening, the sun withdrew its dazzling light and turned into a golden disc, rendering the sky with the colors of dusk. Looking at the golden sunset in the distance, it reflects on the maple leaves, which sets off a different beauty for the maple trees. The leaves are blown down by the autumn wind, like golden butterflies flying in the air, which further sets off the beauty of the evening. Many people say that dawn is the most beautiful moment, but for me, dusk is also beautiful. Walking with my classmates, singing songs together, enjoying the warmth brought by the light of dusk, as if it is greeted us, and at the same time It also seems to have seen the picture of playing with children when I was a child. Looking at the moment when the dusk stays in the sky, I really hope that this moment can stay with me forever.

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