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Wild Gooses are flying southward now. But do they also fly southward as in China? Maybe I need to check it on the internet. These days, several snowfalls have fallen. But the unfortunately, the snow melted before long. Even here, sights in snow are still beautiful, and the world seems different from before, as if some thing essential were changed. Once, Tom asked me to listen to the sound of outside, but there was no human, but white, silence; then I thought this was actually the sound of snow, and felt a sort of geniality.


The first admission decision of University is going to be available, only eight or nine days left. A few months ago, teacher asked us to read Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but I had not much feel ing after reading it, so perhaps I need to think more about it; recently, we learned a little abo ut literature criticism and analyzed Snow White. It has been said, Bother Grimm’ tales were very dark from the beginning, so they had to revised it over and over, but even now, some trails are still left. For example, at the end, because of her beauty, Snow White married a prin ce and then revenged on her vile step-mother by forcing her to dance in fire-hot iron shoes. I was shocked to read this part. Furthermore, this was the edition revised. Because of this, I felt the civilization of our society was really hard-won and precious. If it were not for those who believed in goodness and was willing to sacrifice their lived to seek it, we would not have the peace we have now,and the future we will have.

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