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We had a special BBQ last Monday. There have been a lot of barbecues before, but the opportunity to eat skewers while watching the snow is really rare. Seeing that the rain slowly turned into snow, from light snow to heavy snow, and slowly the roof turned white. So we had to relocate the BBQ to the garage. I have to say that the barbecue that you make yourself is delicious, and it has a little more special taste than the skewers bought directly at the small stalls. We also thought of selling our kebabs to people if they passed by. As a result, a foreign friend walking a dog passed by, and he asked us, "Is this a BBQ?" Yufei also took a lot of smoky photos. It can be said that the smell of barbecue has been stored in the album.


The weather is very good these days, and every time I go out, I feel that the season of wearing shorts and short sleeves has arrived. No wonder I always hear: "There is no spring in Canada". It was snowing last week, and this week I can cut leeks. The newly born leeks look extraordinarily fresh and tender, and they have finally emerged from the ground after a whole winter of brewing. We squatted in the front yard and put a handful of leeks in the basket, the sun was very warm on our backs, and even made people sweat. The dumplings stuffed with chives are also extra fragrant at night. I've never done any of these things at home before, and most of the time it's just a meal. But this time I was really happy to experience the joy of doing it myself.

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