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During these time l didn't notice myself behaviour than I found that l have bad problem. After uncle had found to educate me and tell me who must notice. I am very ashamed, because l have stayed very long time that l have appeared bad problem previously. Other people had never appeared this matter. Now l have known that l have bad problem, l must correct my bad problem.


During meditation at night, we had read a article, article basic content is : people don’t do a hypocrite. I have thought that l had doing somethings and help other people time, l often thought that l had finished this things, l feel good about oneself, l don’t use heart of the kind to help other people, l feel that l am not difference with hypocrite. Before If l don’t come to this school(uncle’s place), it don’t have uncle do everything and deduction for me, l don’t that l always have progressed in the here,l really feel that every day shall cherish in the here.

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