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Every day when we meditate in this school (uncle here), we read articles (morality) and talk about our feelings. When everyone meditate, I feel very happy, because every time I read articles and hear those people with good morality, I will have a feeling of admiration, and urge myself to learn from these people. These are good rules that the school create a long ago. Before I came to my uncle, I was a very selfish person, but every day my uncle told me the principle and the articles urged me to be a good boy on l read and hear. Coming to this school (uncle here) is really to make progress every day for me , and uncle really changed his life.


Since they had taken a box of new books from school last week, Tom and Sean read more frequently than before. When they have free time, they was always reading at that time. When we read the book, really feel the plot of the book is very interesting, thinking about what happened in the book. Uncle once told us: we are also learning when reading. Uncle often encourages us to read more books. Before I came to this school (uncle here), I did not read books and only played with my mobile phone every day. But now I really feel reading is a very interesting.

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