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過於自我Too much ego


Recently, I have not realized many problems. Fortunately, my uncle helped me to point out the mistakes. The main reason is that he is too self-conscious. When doing things and thinking about problems, he always thinks of himself first, without considering others. And he always wanted to appear to be very considerate of others, but he actually hid his selfish heart deeply. There is also the heart that always wants to show off, and they are not aware of these problems. Whenever I do this, I make others feel very uncomfortable, and I also make myself more and more selfish and less considerate of others. In the future, I must do what my uncle taught us, think more about others, and think about things from the perspective of others. You can't always follow your own feelings, how you feel comfortable. At the same time, you must also realize that you like showing off will not make others feel good and admire you, but will only attract others to hate you. In the future, I must reflect more and get rid of these problems of my own.

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