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After this years, we quickly return to our normal work and rest. Everyday normally go class in the school and exercise. When we continue to go class in this week, uncle arrange more three class for us. It means we can have more time to practice our English’s listing and speaking , that is so good things for us, we can have more time and opportunity to improve our English knowledge. Before l came this school that l really dislike studying, I only see the textbook that l feel very fearful. But l feel very happy on studying knowledge after l came this school (uncle’s place) , and l really want to studying. For fallen behind others l should studying hard for myself, and improve my English knowledge.


A new offer of university of brother rain was agreed by university this week. It means he will enter into the university at once, I have already gone this school for 3years, in the way l always saw brother rain who study hared in this school, he always expressed very excellent. He has been an example to us in many ways, sometimes l want to laze in the study time, l can see one person who had always studying hard, this action also remind me who can’t lazy. He will enter into university in less than half years, l help he can happily life in the university like live this school(uncle’s place),and happily spend every days.

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