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Parents may have a question, why are children willing to listen to Teacher Ding's words when they are educating their children, but the children don't listen well to what they say? First of all, I would like to ask parents a question, do you often nag your children, such as: you must pay attention to the lectures in class; do not play with your mobile phone during meals; finish your homework before playing; do not eat junk food: weekends Don't always sleep in late: take advantage of the rest to tidy up the room quickly, and wait for a lot of reasons and requirements, in fact, this is the reason why the child does not listen. There is nothing wrong with parents educating their children, but parents have forgotten one thing, they have forgotten how they were when they were young. Like to play, like to eat snacks, like to sleep late, this is the nature of children, who is not like this when they were young, and parents, please think about it, do you also like being nagged, do not do to others what you want , children too.

We are willing to listen to uncles for two reasons. First, because uncles understand the nature of children and never ask us to do things that we cannot do ourselves. Second, everything requires us to do, uncle must do it himself. Third, we made mistakes, and uncle would tell us what was wrong instead of just accusing us.


We did a big cleaning this Saturday and cleaned everything in the house, kitchen, living room, basement, bedroom, toilet, even the little power strip switches. I really didn't clean up, but I was shocked when I cleaned it up. There was dust under the bed, behind the cabinet, and in the closet. It took more than an hour to clean a room. Alas, this is the consequence of not cleaning up carefully at ordinary times!

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