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Last Sunday, school had organized to look maple leaf, we had went a little grove. Canada would have most prettied for September and October. We were going little grove in the way, all over the mountains and plains’ maple leaf, had orange-yellow’s color, had red colors, like fire. I remembered had came Canada’s time, don’t opening had saw the leaf of maple. I have opening to enjoy maple leaf with students, l feel very sense.


Recently boy’s task all compiled very good, of course , this things was asked us by school (uncle), everyone had checked by other people . Before I came to my uncle, I always put things off. Even if agree to help others to do things, but only have speed, never quality, every time like not complete . Now came to this school (uncle here), not only education we have to study hard, education us do a good child yet, someone else to consider, there are many and many. Really want to cherish all this, and try hard to become a better child.

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