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I watched a video the day before yesterday that touched me a lot. It was about how to improve self-control. The video says that we can make our willpower stronger by meditating, exercising, ensuring enough food intake and sleep, and maintaining self-control in small things every day. In fact, uncle has already told us about these methods and they have been using them in our daily life. It’s because I haven’t paid attention to them and have always been lazy. If I exercised according to my uncle’s requirements before, my self-control will definitely be much better than now. I will definitely do a good job in the future to quickly improve my self-control.


Summer has come quietly, and we inadvertently made the backyard more colorful. The dense green leaves clustered together with purple flowers like purple clouds, which are soft and lovely. Whenever the sun sets and evening comes, uncle’s favorite is to take a cup of coffee, blow the summer evening breeze, smell the refreshing fragrance of flowers, experience the temporary tranquility, and avoid the hustle and bustle of the world.

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