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Recently after reading The Generalissimo’s son written by American Mr. Taylor, I finally had a little knowledge of Taiwanese history, and how they went to democracy. In fact, I used to hear the name like four dragons in Asia, but had no idea what it meant, but now I in the end knew it meant their quick improvement of economics. But what was the most amazing was, I am afraid, during this, Taiwanese Government did not forget to improve various measures to ensure people’s well-being and made the difference not big between the rich and poor, eventually rendering Taiwan become the highest among the East Asian countries on the scale of Happiness. Hope Taiwan better and better.


Uncle’s device is sure enough effective. This week classmates felt it easy, as they acquired many words, dispelling many obstacles on understanding. In the meantime, Mountain’s article of reflection was finished. I heard that he wrote thousands of words. No idea what he would write but looking forward. Now there was only one university that had not decided my application, Wisconsin-Madison. It said it would get it done before March 31st. No idea what the result would be, but I hope to have good luck.

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