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This Monday Toronto got a very big snow, from first day night until the second day lunchtime. On the news it said the snow will be at a list 40 cm, when we go out the snow lie thick in front of the door, and the snow was blocking the door. I still remember last time this kind of big snow was two or three years ago, and brother mountain take a lot of pictures, this is really a rare snow in Toronto.


This week after the snow, I went out for shovel the snow. Because the snow are thick, so it took me a long time to shovel the snow on parking way. After I finished I saw the owner of the house that across the way is shovelling the snow, I hesitate for a moment but finally I went and help him to shovel the snow. After helping him, he thanks me a lot and I feel warm in my heart. Just feel like we should help other people more, no matter who, after helping we will be really happy.

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