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I had the defect of being self-righteous, since I didn’t come here. By the education of uncle, this defect got lessened, but still exited, hampering my improvement and threatening my future. Recently, the acquirement of some things made it strong again, made me flighty and impetuous, no longer able to listen, accept, and learn with all my hearts. What I should have remembered was, many great men, the reason that they could be great, was not only due to their talent and effort, but their manner and behavior. For example,Abraham Lincoln who was modesty and good at self-effacing. And I am only nineteen years old. No matter on the knowledge or many other aspects, I still have a long way to go, so I even more don’t have the reason of being self-righteous. I should lower my heart and start to correct myself.


Recently, uncle taught us one thing that we need to notice when reading biographies, which is reading more books than one about one person. Because different people may have different views. Even they write the same, but due to their different angles, their conclusions will be different. If we only read one, it is probable that we couldn’t know exactly how this person is like. And this also makes us think more. Why these two authors say differently, and why they would get such a conclusion.

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