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Winter, many people will be bay some mutton to warm body, to resist the cold. Although uncle don’t eat meat, but out of care of us, he let brother bought sheep in total. And cooked it for us. In this week, we eat mutton soup, mutton dumplings, and pita bread soaked in lamb soup, the pita bread soaked in lamb soup is very good, let me think of China Xian’s pita bread soaked in lamb soup, is same flavor, and uncle give us more mutton than China’s restaurant. Eat end, I feel warm all the time, is very comfortable, in this place, I felt warm and sweet just like home. I believe first winter in Canada; it will be very happy and completeness.


Recently many people going to basketball court,because there are many people,so we choice play whole court game, in this course, further manifest we boys is very strong , when we play basketball, really rung in whole court just us. Other people just want to goal in himself basically, brother Hank said: every body think himself is Kobe, is Curie. They don’t like pass ball to others. Although we all have goal ability, but we always choice pass ball to others, in the end, we have a win in the game, and we feel very easy. I think if when we play whole court three years ago, we can not get the victory very easy like today, in this place we train our body, learn more knowledge, therefore be capable of possess us in today.

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