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Updated: Mar 21, 2022


Sometimes even a very small thing can actually reflect a person's mentality, and even a very small action will bring inconvenience to others. Cleaning up the kitchen may be something that everyone who likes to cook needs to do, and some people think it is a very common thing. Is there any knowledge about cleaning up the kitchen? Of course, cleaning up the kitchen is a very common thing, but if you can think about it carefully, in fact, many of the things are because cleaning up the kitchen is to provide convenience for the person who cooks next time. necessary. When cleaning up the pots this week, my uncle pointed out some problems when we usually put the wok I only put it there by myself, but this also reflects my unwillingness to use my brain to arrange things properly in order to be lazy. My uncle said that even a small thing can affect people's mood. Therefore, we need to do every bit of life with our hearts. We should apply the knowledge we have learned to practice, and do everything well according to the way of dealing with others that our uncle taught us.


For people, wanting to play basketball in winter is a very nerve-racking thing. The outdoor basketball court is full of ice, while the indoor basketball court requires both reservations and money, which may not be available for students who are going to school. necessary. On the other hand, we are happier. The school has a large indoor basketball court. No matter it is hot or cold, we can play happily in it with confidence. Brother Hu is the best player among us. Even if he is not in his heyday, he can beat us to the bottom of the game, but everyone likes to play with Brother Hank, because Brother Hank will score a goal. Unreservedly, he taught us how to attack, how to defend, and how to improve the probability of scoring. Usually, when people see NBA stars playing, they see the smooth dribbling movements, and when they are as simple as eating, they will think, wow, how easy is it for them? In fact, many actions seem to be simple, but there is also a deep knowledge inside. Playing basketball requires not only a good body, but also a lot of thinking, so nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface. The top of every industry All through hard training, serious thinking can do.

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