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This week, we learned and heard a lot of Chinese divine culture. There was a lot of examples where people are kindhearted, caring, big-hearted etc. They use all their fortune to help and save their country and people no matter how poor the country and people are. Their capacity of tolerance and caring for others is so big that they are willing to give up their life to save others. I was moved by these stories of because of how loyal they were compared to the society today. Today, there is people who betray their friends or even people who are important to them just for some small gains to themselves. At Uncle’s place, there is a lot of examples of kindness and caring because of the well education it provides.

這周我們聽了很多神傳文化,古代有很多人很善良,心胸很寬廣,為別人著想等等。他們甚至把他們的所有財富都用來幫助國家和老百姓,不論國家和老百姓再窮。他們的容忍能力和為別人著想的想法大的他們甚至可以放棄自己的生命幫助他人。 當我聽到這些故事的時候,我瞬間就被感動到了,現在人的義氣和古代人講的義氣跟本就無法比。在當今社會,有很多人為了個人利益去傷害別人,甚至於傷害他們身邊重要的人。在叔叔這裏,由於教育很好,有很多關於善良和為別人著想的例子。

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