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A few days ago when I was reading an article, I read a story about a person's appearance change. Recently I took the photograph before again come out, the oneself feeling in the control mirror is really two different people, now facial expression is compared with good before do not know how many times, the expression on the face also does not want to be revealed crafty in the eye in that way before. And inside, I feel different. One thing I remember very clearly is that during the snowball fight, one of my classmates threw a very hard snowball in my face. Before, I must have been unable to bear it and might have started to fight with others, because I really couldn't let myself suffer and was very easy to lose my temper. But at that time I first thought of the classmate is not careful, although very painful but MY heart did not have any anger like before, I also joked with him that you throw really accurate. I just feel that I have really changed a lot after coming to this school. The knowledge I have learned here has benefited me both physically and mentally. I don't know what I am now if I hadn't come here.


The recent class exam let me deeply realize my lack of English ability. Although I usually communicate with the teacher very smoothly, it is not very difficult, but when it comes to the problem, I feel my vocabulary is insufficient, need to look up the dictionary many times. I feel that I really need to recite more words, especially the words in many books, because many of the words in the exam are in the books. So I really need to build up my vocabulary.

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