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Canada Day comes, uncle asks brother Hank to bring us to the centre of Markham. That day, it was very busy around. We saw a band performance and a firework show there. It was the first time I saw such a large firework show. No matter the types, or the sizes, shocked me. We filmed a video for this, to record this pleasant night.


A while ago, I went to American Embassy to apply F-1 visa. Different from the last time I did a visa, there were not many people in the embassy here, and it took a short time for me to walk towards the window. I did as uncles asked, said what the officials asked literally, and successfully finished the the whole process. The weather was pleasant that day, I walked out of the embassy into a gust of wind, as if nothing had happened. But back in China that time, it was like a hard battle.


Recently, uncle mentioned the funny part of human thoughts. For example, one person had hassle with another. It is his fault, but he thinks that he should be good and forgive another. This also reminds me of some funny thoughts I once have had. For example, sometimes it is due to cowardness I avoid a fight, but I would think it is because of my tolerance. I feel that it is afraid, feeling that if I do not learn how to reflect, as uncle said, on how many things I would deceive myself.


On Wednesday we went to a nearby forest park to camp. Having the experiences of last year, we this time brought grill and charcoal, making BBQ much easier. As last year, this park also had a beach, which was busy and crowded. We also went down into the water; took many photos at the dusk and enjoyed the breeze for a long time on the beach. The surprising thing was that, though there were many people, garbage could rarely be seen. Besides, the sky was also very clean, showed many stars at night. I felt that I had never seen so many stars at one time in my whole life. Mountain said it was because of the lack of light pollution here.

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