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Updated: Aug 27, 2021


Sometimes it is really pitiful for the Chinese students, living in that hazy environment, playing games under the nose of their parents, eating street food made of waste oil, and absorbing the useless and brainwashing effects. The so-called knowledge. I think of my cousin who is about to be in the third year of junior high school in China, although he is in a good junior high school in the local area and his grades are not too bad, but because of living in an environment like China, he feels the injustice of fate and the frustration of his heart everywhere. When his parents forced him to attend this cram school, he would always pretend to be sick, either it hurts here or itchy there, he escaped the cram school class, and then stuck in the game world. Parents want to control, but they can’t. Parents want to educate, but they don’t know how to educate. They can only watch a student with good grades turn into a teenager with internet addiction and mental illness. I again sigh at what a Meiji choice it was for our parents to send us here. We are so lucky to be able to get rid of the quagmire and become the seeds of hope. We must not lose what is easy because of what is easy.

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