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Today is February 5, 2021. From the United States to Canada, from buying a school to the students who can get Study Permit, from the students who can smoothly come to Canada from China, in order to let the students come to Canada as soon as possible and to live and study in a stable environment, Uncle has put in lots of hard work, and huge effort, spending every day and night in a state of extreme anxiety. Because of this so-called Pandemic, many things have become extremely chaotic. There are no rules, and people are also very helpless.


It has been a whole month since students came to Canada. From the strangeness and curiosity of the unfamiliar environment, they have gradually become accustomed to everything around. It may be because I am too familiar with the environment. When they ask me something that I have neglected for a long time, I can always feel sort of novelty. It has been a year since students with uncle in China, the inner peace of seeing the children and uncles together is written on everyone's face and in everyone's heart. The children are very capable, whether it is physical or mental work, one is worth ten.



There have been too many things in the past year, and it was also the most fulfilling and meaningful year since I came to Canada. The year I spent with uncle was another major turning point in my life. If it is not uncle's teaching, encouragement, and care for me, I may not even realize what is true physical and mental health, what is happiness, let alone things beyond all these for the rest of my life.

Hope that students who have not obtained the Visa in China can get their Visa and come to Canada soon, because we need you!

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