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Early in the morning, a small sound woke me up from my sleep. Looking at my sisters who were still sleeping beside me, I quietly walked out of the tent. The fine morning light sprinkled lightly from the branches, covering the quiet path with a hazy gauze. The birds stood on the branches and sang those unknown songs cheerfully. A wisp of breeze swept my cheeks playfully and brought the fragrance of the trees. I never knew that the woods in the early morning were so beautiful and fascinating. . I can't help but feel a little regretful, regretting why I didn't cherish those moments, but that's how time is, like the fine sand between my fingers, if it's lost, it can't be recovered. All we can do is to cherish everything in front of us, and only in this way will we live up to our time.


I believe everyone has heard of the six realms of reincarnation. Buddhism and Chinese teachings teach about the retribution of karma. Those who have been reincarnated as animals are actually people who have done very bad things among humans in their previous lives, so they reincarnated as animals in this life to repay their debts. Although reincarnation into animals is caused by these people, we can't hurt them at will because of this, but we should pity them. In fact, they have their own thoughts and feelings just like us, but they cannot express them because of the limitations of this layer of skin. I hope everyone can treat small animals kindly in the future, and don't make fun of other lives.

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