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Recently, When I was studying Wang Yangming, I heard this saying: Silence is golden, but in the process of pursuing the ideal of life, silence may also be a risk. Mr. Yang Ming also listed four risks of silence, the most impressive is the fourth, the article said: the fourth is the most serious, he summed up as "silent thief". What is the silent thief? Is knowing what's going on, but pretending not to know. Even on the contrary, they set traps for their rape. And the story of He Zeng, the minister of the Western Jin Dynasty, also tells us that silence really may lead to the decline of a country. Nowadays, we may choose to be the silent majority because of timidity or playing with our own cleverness. We can find out the problems clearly, but have no courage to speak out, but find excuses to shirk responsibility. I think such people should not be the most.


Recently the temperature is low, I study in the greenhouse unconsciously have a bit of sleepy, feel a little slack when learning. But looking at the outstanding achievement of Rain, hard study of Arthur, I feel that I should not be slack. Think of those who want to learn but do not have a normal learning environment, they want to learn but do not have such an environment as we do, and can calm down to learn I chose to slack off, this is how should not ah. Therefore, I want to learn the learning habits of Brother Rain, learn the self-discipline of Arthur, complete daily homework attentively, and enjoy the opportunity to study seriously. 

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