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Recently, the teacher left a lot of homework. In fact, I had plenty of time to complete it, but because I was afraid of difficulties, I kept putting it off. As a result, it was not completed until the last day, so I had to stay up late to make up the homework and prepare for the exam. Although the content is not difficult, but I spent double the time, I think it should not be. Just like the poem said, "Tomorrow and tomorrow again, O how many tomorrows then? If we wait always for another day, In vain our life will pass away!" This event made me realize that we need to do things in time. Efficient completion without delay.


We went back to our daily morning workouts a few weeks ago, and it was a little uncomfortable at first, but it got better after a few days. One morning, I suddenly wanted to test how long I could do 55 crunches. Since we had been working out for a few weeks, it took 1 minute and 57 seconds. The next day I wanted to see if I would improve. , I did a little harder, and it took 1 minute and 53 seconds in total. I tested it again on the third day, and it only took 1 minute and 45 seconds in the end. I was amazed that I could do 55 crunches in such a short period of time, something I thought was impossible before. Now I am happy when I go to exercise, because I know I am exercising for myself and for my own good. Of course, I will continue to work hard to achieve a better state.

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