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Recently listen to the article, a sentence always echoes in my mind: dark room guilty, god eyes such as electricity. Now many people although on the surface looks like in doing good deeds, but secretly, no one, or in their own thoughts, who thought they were unaware of, but in secret to produce evil thoughts, bad thoughts, do good, the surface is basically is to cater to the public, do to others. I think such a person is very hypocritical, perhaps he will be praised by others, because he is a good person in the eyes of others, but the dark room is guilty, god's eyes are like electricity, your bad thoughts, evil thoughts, god will let you go? Why come to uncle here can change their life, is because uncle never teach us to do surface work, has always been in the thinking of changing our thoughts, let us from the heart really become good, finally really do what is inside, become a really kind, honest person.


In order to improve my and Arthur’s English, this week let's usual life by trying to speak English, although some difficulty, but because one must speak English environment, and friends will be kind to help us, so I think in such an environment to improve English or quickly, although can't and Tom as they improve so fast, But I must study seriously, listen to the class well, will not ask more, to overcome the language as soon as possible.

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