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The weather is warm and spring is here. It was sunny outside, and the thick snow on the grass had melted. After months of long winters, finally, spring has come. Birds chirped on the branches, and the branches sprouted again. The buds have also grown, white and fluffy, very cute. The hibernation of the raccoon is over, and the canned food left in the yard at night is eaten again. Squirrels, you chase me, eat and play, so cute. The geese were heard chirping again, and they could be seen on the lake again. Spring is finally here


My uncle taught us that when cutting something, the left hand should be curled up, so that the hand will not be cut. But I thought it was too troublesome, so I cut the meat with my left hand flat, which was very convenient. The result was cut off. The fingernails and flesh were missing a small piece, which was very painful. This incident taught me a truth. To be taught, my uncle's request must be justified. It is for our own good. We must not be lazy and worry about trouble, and do what my uncle asks. It also verified an old saying: If you don't listen to the old man, you will suffer in front of you.

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