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This Saturday is New Year's Day and another new year. I've been in this school for almost a year before I know it. In the past year, I still have gained a lot, and when I look back and think about it before I came here, I was in a negative state every day, and I was particularly prone to tantrums. Now I can control my emotions very well and treat them with a good attitude when doing things or getting along with other people. I just feel so thankful to be in this school and be able to change so much.

在這新的一年裏感覺所有人都會很忙。山哥將要在今年練習並鞏固更多的書法字體,子滕也要為考級做很多的練習,而愷元哥則要准備去上大學了。但是我呢,還是沒有一個明確的想法說以後 要幹什麼專業,感覺我真的要好好想想,給今年做個規劃。

In this new year, it feels like everyone will be busy. Brother Shan will be practicing and consolidating more calligraphy fonts this year, Zi Teng will also have to do a lot of practice for the exams, and brother Kaiyuan will be ready to go to college. But I still don't have a clear idea of what I want to do professionally in the future, and I feel that I really must think about it and make a plan for this year.

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