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"Of Mountain Lu we cannot make out the true face, for we are lost in the heart of the very place." is about people standing in the position of self, often can't see the truth; only by letting go of the concept, can we break through the limitations; let go of the self, can see the true self. Correcting problems is the same. Only by letting go of our attachments and stubborn opinions about the past can we truly see the problem and correct it.


I have a big problem in doing things that I always give up halfway and can't last. Every time I encounter some difficulties, I want to avoid it or not to face it, but this is not acceptable. As uncle said, everyone has their own goals and ideals, but the difference between winners and losers is that losers often give up halfway for various reasons, while winners are completely different when they are determined to put their dreams When it becomes a reality, no matter what setbacks they encounter, they can stand up strong, become more and more courageous, and move forward bravely towards their goals. I will definitely work hard to correct my problem of doing things halfway so that I can achieve my ideals like a successful person.

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