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This week, when I was washing the dishes, because the dripping method of running the trickle water made a lot of noise, Yu Fei shared with me her method of washing dishes. At first, I was a little reluctant to accept a better method, thinking "I'm using the best way to do the dishes." I started to realize that this thought was wrong and conceited, so I suppressed it and listened carefully Yufei's sharing. After I washed the dishes according to the method shared by Yufei, I found that the washing speed was much faster and the noise was very low. I am very happy to see that the efficiency of washing dishes has improved.

There are people outside people, there are heaven outside the world, and there are more than 7 billion people in the world. Why is my dishwashing method the best? Thanks to my uncle's education, I was able to have this kind of thinking, and I was able to reflect on my own thinking and accept other people's suggestions. I will continue to work hard and correct my thinking.





Lazy and comfortable, and often in a trance.

The mind wandered outside the world, unaware of the disaster.

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