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Last Sunday the school organized a barbecue, all the things were prepared by ourselves the night before. It was a lot of fun, it was drizzling and then it was snowing, it was beautiful. In the process of barbecuing sometimes we would forget this and forget that, then my uncle and we barbecue together told us that we have to think about barbecuing. Come to think of it, even small things need to be done with your head. Finally, everyone ate full and was very happy.


Every Thursday night, I collect all the trash in my house and put it on the curb. But slowly, in the process of collecting garbage I will not pay too much attention to details, lazy. Too often, a lot of garbage is ignored, and some garbage is found after the garbage is collected. Sometimes if you don't reflect on yourself often, there are a lot of things that will loosen up on yourself. So I really have to reflect on myself, even in this small matter should not relax.

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