Recently, everyone has been recording videos to record the daily life of our boys. When we were shooting a video this week, my uncle pointed out some of the problems we had when shooting a video. Such as composition, editing, effects, etc. Uncle told us that we should look at this video from the perspective of a stranger, because only from the perspective of a stranger will you find the problem with this video. We are doing During the video, most of the time I am a little self-entertaining and self-appreciating. Once you've made a video, appreciate the benefits of the video from your own perspective, what a satisfying video. It is because of this way of thinking about the problem that it is difficult to detect the defects of the video, and some of the most basic things in principle are often wrong. My uncle told us before that when you do something, you must first know the purpose of the thing, and then when you encounter a puzzle, you must first ask why you want to do it, and how to do it well in the end. What, why, how. Doing things is inseparable from these three words. In fact, you all know and have learned many things. When you do things, you need to see how you apply them and how you can do things well.


After dinner on Saturday, it was about eight o'clock. Due to some reasons, I didn't play this Saturday afternoon, so Brother Hu suggested that everyone go to play together now. It gets dark very late in the afternoon in June, and it won't get dark until after nine o'clock. So when we went to the basketball court at eight o'clock, the sky was still bright, and the sun was heading westward. The golden sunlight shone on the court and the grass, which was very beautiful. There was no one in the stadium, and it seemed that today was destined to be an "infighting". In the beginning, Brother Hu asked the three of us to treat him one by one. Although it may sound unbelievable, Brother Hu did have such strength when he first came to Canada. But it's been a little bit more since we came to Canada, and everyone's basketball level has been steadily improving, so we won the game very quickly in a three-on-one situation. Then it was two-on-one, and with Arthur and I, we narrowly won the match at the last match point. In the final heads-up game, for us who are not very experienced and skilled, it is still very difficult to win Brother Hu, so in the end, Brother Hu won all the heads-up games. We are all satisfied with the result of Saturday's game. Because everyone can see their own improvement, Brother Hu said, don’t look at how we usually play when we play, in fact, the intensity is very large, and the average peers are basically not the same.

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