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Uncle has talked many times to us about working habit. For example, facing something we need to embark on, we could record it,so that we would not forget. This sounds quite easy, and might be thought of by many people, but recalling we would find that there are not many who really follow that. Often we would rather be lazy for a moment, using our brain to remember, and use much more effort after something goes wrong. This makes me think that actually many things in our lives are like this. It is very obvious that if we are willing to put some effort before, it would be much easier in dealing, but we are often unwilling, wasting much time and much effort. It is really not good.


It is getting hotter and hotter, and day is getting longer and longer. This week this semester ended, and here is our summer vacation. Recently uncle asked us to find some interesting places that were nearby; and told us that could go there to play and relax. Last year, we went to a large park, where we set tents, had BBQ, and swam. It was quite a pleasant journey, so I am now really looking forward to the place we would go this year.

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