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This week, something happened that made me realize the importance of having the right way to study. Because I have to prepare for the TOEFL test, my uncle assigned me the task of recognizing words. However, during the questioning process, my uncle discovered the problem that I had in my study: when I focused on reviewing the words I had already recognized, I almost forgot half of it. So my uncle told me to use a learning method to solve this problem: review according to the rules of memory. And to save time, only the marked forgotten words are reviewed. I can't help but wonder: If I don't review the memorized words, will I forget them? My uncle answered my doubts: the words I have memorized will be seen repeatedly in the TOEFL reading, so don't worry about forgetting them. In this way, as long as you spend three points of effort, you can achieve the effect of the usual overall review.

Sure enough, after doing what my uncle said, I found that I remembered more words and saved a lot of time. I feel the benefits of getting twice the result with half the effort brought by the correct learning method.






Mid-autumn festival

The sunset spreads the sky,

and the breeze swept the birds.

Enjoy the full moon at sunset,

among the hazy colorful clouds.

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