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It snowed very hard this week, soon covering the ground with a thick coat, high enough to reach our knee, so you could see nothing but white looking around. Then we shoveled snow with our neighbors, snow now accumulating to the height of an adult like many walls. On Saturday, we even went to our school to ski, because there was a big hillside, which became a real snow-hill because of this snowfall. But it was hard for us to go in straight for the whole school was also full of snow, so we had to tunnel a road for our car. Originally, I thought it would be very very difficult, but had no idea that it turned into existence under our effort fast, making me really proud of it.


In the afternoon of Friday, I received my third acceptance, which is from enthusiastic OSU. The things that came in the meantime, were our beds from Xi’an and full-of-joy New Year. Recently we met Brother Le on mobile; he looked still good-minded, without that Chinese shrewdness on his face, reminding me of the days back in Xi’an. I remember that those times when Father talked to me of him, praising his industriousness and sincerity and due to this continually admired Uncle’s education, asking me to study here well; every time I heard this I would feel a sort of pleasure, thinking that it is indeed everyone could see it and feel warmness from it. I don’t know whether I will become as good as Brother Le, but no matter what, I must effort hard!

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