I watched a movie called "A World Without Thieves" last weekend. "Silly Root", as the name suggests, speaks a dialect, and has dark skin. When relatives and friends around him persuaded him to beware that thieves would steal his 60,000 yuan, he shouted to the crowd, "Who are you thieves, stand up and show my fellow villagers", and after receiving no response, he said, "How are you? No thief." Everyone must be thinking, how could someone so stupid come forward and admit that they are thieves, it is ridiculous to ask such a question. But it was such a foolish person who left a deep impression on me. The so-called "stupid" actually means that he doesn't intrigue and cheat for his own interests like other people. He helps others even if he loses himself or doesn't gain at all. Everyone has been accustomed to calling such people who do not maintain or gain benefits as fools. But is he really stupid? If the fool is not "stupid", on the contrary he is very shrewd. He didn't have anything like before, he didn't give the heroine a ride when she was walking alone on the road, he didn't take out five thousand dollars when he learned that the heroine was "ill", and he didn't give him the plainclothes policeman when he lost his wallet. Eat eggs, and don't donate blood when he knows it's voluntary blood donation, even if he faints... I believe that no matter how shrewd he is, no matter how tightly he hides the money, he will not be able to escape the "poisonous hands" of two waves of thieves' superb stealing techniques. He moved the protagonists to protect his money with his kindness. So instead of saying he is stupid, it is better to say that he is kind and innocent. In any case, being a kind person will be blessed.


In A World Without Thieves, the protagonists are not so much to protect his money as they are to protect his innocence. Silly root is a child from the mountains. He has never been exposed to the pollution of the big dye vat of society. Silly root said: "I'm in the plateau, and during the festivals, I watch the construction site alone. No one talks to me. I talk to wolves. I'm not afraid of wolves, and wolves haven't hurt me. I walked out of the plateau, so many people Talk to me together. I don't believe that the wolf has never hurt me, but people will hurt me. "Silly root has never experienced the sinister human heart, whether at home or on the plateau. The things that happen to him, including himself, are very kind and simple, so he believes that there are more good people than bad people in this world. People often call this kind of innocence stupid. In fact, it is because they themselves always want to gain benefits from others, so they are afraid that others will gain benefits from themselves and are always on guard against others. His kindness is not for others to see, but from the heart to help others.

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