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We read something recently that reminded me of my own past. I'm really glad to be able to come to Uncle. If I didn't have Uncle, I wouldn't be where I am now! According to the development of the previous situation, I will definitely become a social scum who only knows how to eat, drink and play with my parents' money. It's not that I'm exaggerating, it's that I know that if I don't change, I will really fall into that. But now, under the education of uncle, I have become a truly healthy person. He has made me kind, and I have learned to be grateful. I have learned that people live in the world not just for themselves. Thanks to uncle for giving me a new life, I will definitely demand myself more strictly and make myself better.


In life, we will inevitably meet some annoying people, but in fact these people are also very pitiful. Some people may say that they are so pitiful, but that's not the case. You think when he does bad things, he doesn't know himself, he only knows how to be happy for a while. That's right, I was happy at the time, but people are watching, and doing bad things will definitely be reported, and if you don't report it now, you will report it in the future. If you think about it this way, what else is there to be angry about, but your heart should be filled with sympathy and compassion for them.

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