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I am going to write an article to recall my memory of Xian. Originally I thought this was not hard, but starting it, I found it not easy as well, because I wanted to record my experience interestingly, orderly, meaningfully but not lengthily. Some time ago, Tom and I also recalled what happened during that time, then found that he remembered much I forgot, I he forgot, thus a little sighing, thinking that memory is not reliable. If not recorded, very important things would be forgot.


Snow is going to smelt, sunshine also starting to shine. This week Sean asked Uncle whether we could go out to play basketball, and uncle agreed with pleasure, so we again returned to that nearby basketball field, happily shedding much sweat. With a while later wood having leaves again, I could help being happy. They have been bald for several months, making me almost lose the image of their being green.

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