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A few days ago, I heard an ancient stepmother's kindness to her son. The article said: During the Zhou Dynasty, the state of Wei had a loving mother who was the step-wife of a man named Mang Mao. Mang Mao's ex-wife has five sons, and the five sons of the ex-wife don't like the stepmother. Even though the stepmother is generous to the five sons, they still don't like the stepmother. On one occasion, the third son of Mang Mao's ex-wife violated the order of the King of Wei and was sentenced to death according to law. The stepmother was distressed by this, and ran to rescue him sooner or later. Someone said to her: "These sons don't like you, why do you still work so hard to rescue and suffer like this? But the stepmother said: Their father was afraid that they would become orphans, so he married me as a stepmother. A stepmother is also a human being. Mother, if you don't love her children, can you be called 'kindness'? Can you be called 'righteousness' if you only love your own children who ignore your ex-wife? If you are not merciful and unrighteous, how can you stand in the world? Although they don't like it I, how dare I forget righteousness?" King Wei admired her act of kindness and righteousness, so he forgave Mangmao's ex-wife and three sons' crimes and let him go home. The five sons were moved by the kindness of their stepmother, and the family has been harmonious since then.

After listening to this article, I was really moved. No matter how much others hurt her, the stepmother in the article still has no resentment and still keeps the kindness and righteousness in her heart. In our daily life, when we hear the word stepmother, we always have a bad impression. Just like our uncle and we said people's concept of mice, it is a stereotype caused by people's prejudice against one thing. The same is true for us. We should be a truly kind-hearted person according to what our uncle said, not someone who looks good on the surface, but only thinks about himself in his heart. Even if such a person is recognized by others, he will escape. Without karma, we should learn from the mother in the text and have a kind heart that is selfless for him.

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