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Come to Canada for a while, found that there are many different places from China, although people do not know each other, but will warmly say hello, although the price of food and meat here is the same, or even higher, but we will always see people in the meat under the meat put a lot of dishes ... One of the most shocking to me is a friendship between people and animals, listen to students say, the animals here are protected, if a foreigner secretly took the wild animals outside home to slaughter meat, this person will have the possibility of being repatriated, in such an environment, people do not hurt animals, and animals are not afraid of people, will not disturb people's normal life, here for two months, I saw the big dragonfly, seagulls, eagles, wild deer, Bears, foxes, hares, squirrels, chestnuts, many animals, these animals often in close proximity to us, and even a few days ago when I saw the little squirrel, I called it, he actually ran to my side to find me to eat, which made me think of a sentence: you are good to others, others will be good to you, if people living in China, everyone can not hurt animals, friendly to them, perhaps animals can also be friendly with them.

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