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Leaking Kitchen 厨房漏水


晚上,我们在厨房洗碗时,洗碗池的水龙头突然漏水了。关上水龙头后,水仍然不断地从水龙头的管子里向外流。打开水池下面的柜子,大水径直从管子里向外喷。看到这个景象,我们急忙跑去喊叔叔。这时,厨房的地已经被淹没了一半。我们拿来大盆和空桶接水,地毯、拖把吸水,可水势依旧很大。“关总水阀。” 听到这句话,我慌乱的心一下有了着落。很快,水停了。“拿苕帚和簸箕,还有大块的布来,拖把吸水能力太小。” 我们跑上楼拿来了需要的物品。果然,用苕帚扫水非常快速,抹布、大毛巾吸水效果很好。不一会儿,厨房的地干了。幸好,出现突发情况时有大人在,生活经验真的很重要。

Leaking kitchen

At night, while we were washing dishes in the kitchen, the sink faucet suddenly leaked. After the faucet is turned off, water is still flowing out of the faucet tube. Open the cabinet under the sink, and the water sprays straight out of the pipe. Seeing this scene, we hurriedly ran to call uncle. At this time, the kitchen floor has been submerged in half. We brought large basins and empty buckets to collect water, and the carpets and mops absorbed water, but the water was still very strong. "Turn off the main water valve." Hearing this sentence, my panicked heart was settled. Soon the water stopped. "Bring a broom, a dustpan, and a large piece of cloth. The mop's ability to absorb water is too small." We ran upstairs to get what we needed. Sure enough, sweeping the water with a broom is very fast, and the rag and large towel absorb water very well. After a while, the kitchen floor was dry. Fortunately, there are adults around when emergencies occur, and life experience really matters.




This week, my uncle decided that we should use English for our daily communication. As a result, the problem that I have not fixed all the time is exposed again. Since I consider myself to be very good at English, I like to laugh at my mates for speaking English, while not forgetting to use long words to show how much I know. When others are making progress, I'll send out "what's the matter" thoughts and a contemptuous look at the same time. Because my jealousy is very serious, I see people happy and worry about myself, and I have a contemptuous attitude towards almost everything around me. This mental state not only makes others uncomfortable, but also makes oneself unhappy. I hope that I can establish a correct self-awareness, get rid of jealousy, be happy with everyone when I encounter happy things, and be sad when others encounter unhappy things.

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