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A few days ago, classmate Mountain played some recordings in his computer, much of which had gone through one or two years. When it was classmate Tom speaking, everyone of us were amazed about the change in his voice. If there had not been this record, I might never have realized that his voice had changed so much, that couldn’t properly be described as a little deeper. Mentioning this is mainly just that I want to remind myself not to disregard others’ changes due to the intimacy we have developed through our years of being together. For instance, like our classmate Tom, though we can still now and then see some defects in him, but what is truthful truth is that, after these years, he really have become a far more better man than past. Now, not only can he taste every kind of vegetables; but what is more, he can understand uncle’s education more and more, so as to care about others sometimes. Apart from these, there are many other big changes, too. For example, he was only thirty-two kilograms when he came here, but now he is already about sixty kilograms, two times as before.

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