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This week, Uncle and Br. Hank brought us to a provincial park in the North for camping. This time I leant that planning is very important, and we should try a most effective way no matter what we are doing. Like starting the campfire, before I thought that I just need to put the wood there anyhow, and light it. After so many times of camping and barbecue, I learnt that the way of putting wood, the quantity, and when to put are all important. We need to think it in our minds before doing anything.


1st July was Canada Day, Br. Hank brought us to Downtown Markham. We watched live concert and brilliant firework show, with a beautiful sun set. At that time, there were a lot of people there. However, at the moment we leave, everyone is in order. Nobody pushes anyone, nobody shouts or makes noise. The crowd which looked at least will take half an hour to evacuate completely evacuated just in five minutes.

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