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"The Golden Mean" is the core concept of our traditional Chinese culture, and it has always been respected by ancient sages. But it is a pity that due to the degeneration of society and the distortion of people's concepts in the past century, this excellent idea has also been misunderstood by people, especially today, under the mischief of materialism, people understand it as a mere folly, compromise at will, and both sides. The principles of life among others. In fact, the mean of the mean is a kind of grasp of the "degree" of doing things, that is, "unbiased", which means that doing things "over" and "less than" are both wrong, and "over" is beyond the correct value, " "Not as good as" is not correct. In fact, to put it bluntly, we can’t go to extremes. No matter what we do, we should pay attention to moderation. Not only do things, but eating and playing are the same. We can’t have no moderation just because we like it. Only by learning moderation can we truly be satisfied and happy.


Since the last reflection, I have been working hard to correct my problems. It has been two weeks now. During this period, I have clearly felt that my self-control has improved, and my work is no longer as anticlimactic as before. Difficulties can also have the courage to solve them. Thank you, Uncle, for always encouraging me to be full of confidence in this process. I believe that as long as I stick to it like this, the problem will be solved.

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