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2023新年寄语2023 New Year message





Time flies, and it is already 2023 in a blink of an eye. Looking back on the 2022 that just passed, there are precious memories, rare opportunities, laughter, emotions, misconceptions, and positive progress. In general, many things happened in 2022, and we here at Uncle have also learned a lot. After the teaching of my uncle, I finally had the opportunity to reflect on myself rationally this year. Finally, after finishing everything, I have a little thought to reflect on my inner right and wrong. It was also in this year that I finally began to feel my ignorance from the bottom of my heart, and I began to understand that I have always been in a selfish perspective when dealing with others. I started to worship my uncle, and I wanted to change from the bottom of my heart.

Recently, I read the Notes of Weicaotang, and an article told us such a truth: God looks at people’s hearts, people are born, no matter how many superficial things you do, if your heart is dark and villainous, you will not get good retribution after all. But who among the people nowadays can keep their hearts from being dark? That person didn't have any small thoughts in his heart. The idea of self-interest at the expense of others has become a common phenomenon. Recalling that my uncle took us to listen to the story of Wang Yangming a few years ago. To the conscience, the unity of knowledge and action, this heart is bright, what can I say. Listen to it today, the words and deeds of a true sage. In the past, listening to and reading sage books, just like many Chinese children, always regarded it as a kind of task and homework in my heart. But only by truly doing these things can people become gentlemen and sages. Sometimes I think that the good words and teachings of the ancients are very close to us. They are placed on the desk and spoken verbally. But from the perspective of inner thoughts, sometimes our levels and thoughts are far away. But still the same sentence, from my own point of view, although we are far away from the goal, under the leadership of our uncle, we can look at the light ahead from a distance.

It's 2023, and I will also enter adulthood. Looking back at the current stage, what is progressing is realizing some of my own shortcomings and bad ideas. What needs to be improved is that although some problems can be realized sometimes, there has been no real change. So I hope that I will make a big change in my heart this year, and at the same time learn more skills and be able to take on more responsibilities.

On January 1, 2023, the first day of the new year, I also wish everyone to achieve their goals and fulfill their wishes in this new year. I wish everyone to be able to be themselves, to become kind-hearted, and to be blessed by God.

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