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19岁Nineteen yearsold

19岁 这四年半的时光匆匆而过,在这所学校度过了许多快乐的时光,在叔叔的教育下也渐渐地成为了一个好孩子,对此心中有说不出的感动。在这里,我遇到了叔叔和许多同学,他们教会了我很多知识和技能,也让我学会了如何与人相处。在我的成长过程中,学校就像一个温暖的家,给了我很多关爱,让我感到无比幸福和满足。最近,我迎来了自己19岁生日,回想起来,我深深地感激这里给予我的一切。感谢叔叔和学校中的同学们,我非常感恩能够在这所学校度过如此美好的时光,遇到了叔叔和许多好朋友,学到了许多知识和技能。在这个温暖的家中,我感到无比幸福和满足。再次感谢叔叔和学校中的所有人,让我度过了如此难忘的四年半时光。


子滕现在的钢琴技术更加精湛了,他的演奏技巧非常出色,弹奏的音符都清晰而准确地传达着他的情感。每当我坐在他旁边听他弹奏钢琴时,我总能够感受到一种难以言喻的享受,他的演奏让人沉浸其中。不仅仅是我,认识子滕的人都非常喜欢听他弹钢琴。子滕的钢琴技术的精湛程度是来自于他的认真练习和对音乐的热爱。更重要的是他在学校的成长和接受的教育也为他的音乐才华的发展提供了很大的帮助。 现在看到很多方面自信的他,也非常的为他高兴。希望未来的某一天,子滕可以登上世界的舞台去表演。

19 years old

These four and a half years have passed by in a hurry, and I have spent many happy times in this school. Under my uncle's education, I have gradually become a good boy. I am deeply touched by this. Here, I met my uncle and many classmates. They taught me a lot of knowledge and skills, and also taught me how to get along with others. During my growing up, the school was like a warm home, which gave me a lot of love and care, and made me feel extremely happy and satisfied. I recently turned 19 and looking back, I am deeply grateful for all that has been given to me here. Thanks to my uncle and my classmates in the school. I am very grateful to have spent such a wonderful time in this school. I met my uncle and many good friends and learned a lot of knowledge and skills. In this warm home, I feel extremely happy and satisfied. Thanks again to my uncle and everyone at the school for giving me such an unforgettable four and a half years.

Zi Teng's Piano Technique

Zi Teng's piano skills are now more refined, and his playing skills are excellent, and the notes he plays convey his emotions clearly and accurately. Whenever I sit next to him and listen to him play the piano, I can always feel an indescribable enjoyment, his playing is immersive. Not only me, but everyone who knows Zi Teng likes to hear him play the piano very much. The mastery of Zi Teng's piano skills comes from his serious practice and love of music. More importantly, his growth and education in school also provided great help for the development of his musical talent.

Now seeing him confident in many aspects, I am very happy for him. I hope that one day in the future, Ziteng will be able to perform on the world stage.

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