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《马背上的Godiva夫人》Lady Godiva




I have an assignment this week, which is to share a painting that shocks me with my classmates, and then I thought of the painting "Lady Godiva". This painting was created by British painter John Collier in 1898, and it comes from a true story.

In 1040, in Coventry, England in the Middle Ages in Europe, there was an earl named Mercia Leofric. In order to raise military expenses, he imposed heavy taxes on the citizens of Coventry, which made the common people miserable. Lady Godiva, the count's wife, was a very kind person, and she felt very painful about it. She pleaded with the count constantly, asking him to reduce taxes. The count was very angry, thinking she was being vexatious. He sarcastically said to Mrs. Godiva: "If you walk naked through the busiest street in Coventry City on the busiest market day of the month, then I will give you a tax cut for your beloved people." On that day, Mrs. Godiva took off all her clothes and only used her hair to cover her naked body as much as possible. She rode a horse and set off from the castle to the main street. At this time, the streets of Coventry City were empty, everyone stayed at home, the doors were closed, and even the windows were tightly closed. It turned out that the common people learned the news in advance, and used this method to maintain the dignity of Mrs. Godiva and thank her for her efforts. Although the earl was shocked by the result, he also fulfilled his promise and reduced the people's heavy taxes.

I was moved by the courage and kindness of the countess. She empathized with the suffering of the people and bravely accepted the challenge of the count in order to alleviate the burden of the people. These show us that people can change society and help others through their kindness and dedication. Although the earl imposed heavy taxes on the people, he did not blame his wife but fulfilled his promise in the end, which also shows that he is a person who has the courage to face his mistakes and pursue justice. In the story, the actions of the people closing the doors and pulling the curtains tightly made me feel the power of human kindness. If everyone can respect and consider others, the world will definitely become a better place, and people will live happier lives.

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