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This week, I read a delightful book called PIE.

At the beginning of the book, it is explained that Aunt Polly, the protagonist, has the talent of making pies and can make very delicious pies. Everyone who has tasted her pies will say the same thing - "Polly, you should open your own shop!" After Polly's parents passed away, Polly saved half of her inheritance and used it to get by; the other half was used to invest in a dilapidated storefront and opened a pie shop.

For years the townspeople have copied Polly's recipe for pies, and now she finally has her own shop, so everyone's happy. But soon, their joy turns to worry when they discover that Polly's pies aren't going to be sold, but given away.

"These pies bring me joy, why should I charge money from everyone?" Polly asked.

Polly wants everyone to find something they like, so she makes fruit, berry and cream pies in different flavors.

At first, everyone was helpless. Everyone felt weird about getting pies for free, but that feeling couldn't beat their love for Polly's pies. Later, everyone thought of a good way to repay Polly. Every morning, there are all kinds of fresh ingredients waiting for Polly at the door of her shop. It might be a basket of lemons and three dozen eggs; it might be a pile of apples and a big sack of flour. No matter what people bring her, Polly can use it immediately.

Polly has dedicated her life to being grateful for the gifts she has been given. She bakes pies for the sheer joy of making others happy. When Polly passed away, everyone in the small town who had been helped by her was very sad. They sobbed and mourned Polly at the funeral.

This book made me understand a lot of truths: giving can bring people happiness, and spiritual abundance is the most important thing. I also try to be like Aunt Polly, using my gifts to help others and being a selfless person.

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