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On Sunday morning, when I woke up from sleep, I looked out the window, yesterday was a cloudless sky, we also went to play basketball, but now show in front of my eyes, is a white world, conservative estimate, definitely someone's shoes as thick as, and because it is morning, there are no car passing on the road, The snow on the road is even thicker than it looks on the sidewalk. It's a beautiful scene. When I first came to Canada, it was summer, and I saw snow shoveling advertisements in many places. Brother Hank also told us that we could not imagine the snow day here, but I didn't quite believe it at that time, because WE had not seen such thick and heavy snow in China for a long time.


It's only December, but many families are already preparing for Christmas, with snowmen, popsicles and beautiful lights on their doors. Christmas was also celebrated in China before, but after all, Christmas is a traditional festival abroad, and it is also the New Year for people here, so everyone is looking forward to the coming Christmas.

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