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雪猫 Snow Cat


As April approaches, it snows again in Toronto. After the heavy snowfall, we picked up the snow shovel and went outside to shovel the snow. After a lot of hard work, we finally shoveled all the snow to the grass next to it. Looking at this small snow mountain, we decided to build a small snowman. The newly fallen snow is very soft. I want to make a snowball as the snowman's head, but I can't get it right. Due to the limited texture of materials, everyone finally agreed to use this snowdrift to make a giant pyramid. But the pyramids piled higher and higher, and they became more and more like towering peaks. We also felt more and more that this should be a rolling mountain range, so we piled a small "peak" next to it. In order to create a continuous feeling, we connected the two peaks in the middle. When we stopped to think about how to improve this range, we realized they looked more like the ears of a cartoon snow cat. After some processing, we found leaves to serve as the patterns on the snow cat’s eyes, nose and head, and used branches to make the snow cat’s mouth. Just like that, there was a kitten at the door of our house, a simple and cute snow cat.

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