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雪人 Snowman


There was a heavy snow last week, which was more than 20 centimeters thick. While we were out feeding the birds one morning, we noticed a snowman had appeared on our neighbor's doorstep. It is a chinchilla with two pointed ears that come alive. Its owner also thoughtfully made arms and a ball-shaped tail on its chubby body. At first glance, it looks somewhat similar to our Big Gold. Since then, every time we go out to feed the birds, we make a point of checking out the snowman. The next day, the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees, and we found that the expression of the snowman also changed. Not as cunning as when I first saw it. Its eyes have become smaller, and its eyebrows are in the shape of "eight", which looks pitiful. Probably because the cold weather makes it a little overwhelmed, but it can also "survive" for a longer time.

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